Group Therapy and Support
Anxiety Support Group for Women 

$100 per month

Led by Madeline Goodwill, LMSW

Anxiety can be a lonely feeling but you are not alone. 30% of women struggle with an anxiety disorder and even more struggle with normal feelings of anxiety that are difficult to  manage. Despite how common this is, it can be an isolating experience. Join us in a supportive, compassionate setting where you can share or simply listen to other women’s experiences with anxiety. Madeline will offer validation, support and guidance in coping with these difficult emotions. 

Call Madeline Goodwill for information and registration at 314.222.6320

Coping with Anxiety: 
A 4-Session Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Skills Course for Adults 

Thursday Evenings
October 26rd through November 16

Led by Madeline Goodwill, LMSW  

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is a highly effective, evidence-based treatment modality. One of the primary components of CBT is learning how our thoughts impact our emotions. In this 5-week course, Madeline Goodwill, LMSW, will coach you on how to effectively use a thought record, a primary tool that CBT therapists teach their patients in order to improve their ability to cope with feelings of anxiety. 

Call Madeline Goodwill for information and registration at 314.222.6320

Worry Support and Skills Group for Kids

4:45pm - 5:45pm
$200 per month

While anxiety is a normal part of life and childhood, 25% of teenagers end up struggling with an anxiety disorder. Addressing early signs of anxiety in children can set them up for success in coping with the anxieties of life and make it more likely that they will seek help if needed in the future. In this group, kids will be able to meet other kids who struggle with similar feelings of anxiety, share their experiences, or simply listen. They will also learn tools to cope with anxiety and be encouraged to practice these tools between each group meeting.

Call Angela Adamson for information and registration at 314.222.5850

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